Understanding the TruDenta® Cost and the Investment in Your Health and Well-Being

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What is a pain-free day worth to you? Do you remember the last time you went all day without pain? Putting a price on good health is a challenge. Chronic headache sufferers tend to think they must learn to live with their pain. You do not! With Dr. Timothy E. Mickiewicz and the TruDenta® system, you can live every day pain-free and medication-free. He can discuss the TruDenta® cost with you during your consultation at our Sacramento, CA, office and provide you with an accurate treatment estimate. Contact us today to learn more.

Investment in Your Future

The TruDenta® comprehensive system and treatment methodology is a quality of life investment that will continue to reward you with lifelong benefits.

  • Pain-free, symptom-free days
  • Less sick time; more time for family and the activities you enjoy
  • Overall sense of wellness and health is restored
  • Future medical and dental expenses are minimized
  • Money saved on costly medications

Dr. Mickiewicz will provide you with a full, detailed treatment plan and explanation of costs at the completion of your TruDenta® consultation and diagnostic testing. Treatment plans generally range from $200 to $2000. The cost of your individual treatment depends on multiple factors.

Financial Factors

There are many factors that influence all dental or medical treatment costs.

  • The patient’s unique needs and diagnosis is one of the largest factors affecting the cost of TruDenta® treatment. The cause of headaches can range from simple to complex, as can the treatment.
  • The length of your treatment will also impact your treatment costs. Some patients require just a few treatment sessions, while others may need as many as 12 treatment sessions.
  • The particular type of treatment you receive is another factor affecting your costs. The TruDenta® system can comprise a custom combination of therapies to meet your needs. This specific combination creates the variation of costs from patient to patient.

Our staff will answer all questions and assist in insurance verification, filing necessary claim forms for the assessment exam and therapy, along with documentation justifying the treatment plan for care. The patient's responsibility is to follow up with their insurance company if benefits are denied. We will break down each cost of the TruDenta® treatment plan for you.

Dr. Mickiewicz’s motto is ,“Where there is a will, there is a way.”

Payment Options

Dr. Mickiewicz has established the following payment plan options for our patients:

  1. Patients who make payments in full at the beginning of their dental treatment receive a five percent discount.
  2. We accept CareCredit®, the nation’s leading patient financing program. This program allows patients to make affordable payments for their treatments with low or no interest rates.
  3. With our payment plan, patients can pay one-half of the balance at the beginning of treatment, and pay the final half upon completion.
  4. We also accept all major credit cards for our patients’ convenience.

Please visit our financial information page to see all payment options offered to our patients.

Call Now – Stop The Pain

Our experienced staff is available to answer scheduling and billing questions. Call Dr. Mickiewicz to schedule your TruDenta® consultation today at 916-457-7710.

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